Cultural Competency Mission Statement

Management Team

Dr. Seleshi Ayalew Asfaw

Executive Director
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Laura Berger

Director of Development
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Dr. LeRoy Boikai

Director of Adult Services
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Coming Together As One

​​​ETSS employees are multicultural and multi-lingual, speaking many of the major languages of the New American community in Columbus. This allows us to serve in a more culturally sensitive and competent way. 

75% of staff members are bilingual or multilingual.

ETSS actively engages in a model of cultural competency that is achieved by integrating various forms of
knowledge and experiences about individuals and groups of people into specific practices and policies applied
in appropriate cultural settings.

We, at
ETSS, strive to embody these goals as well as understanding multiculturalism as a complex kaleidoscope
of organic ongoing experiences that shape a person’s reality. Thus, we do not combine multiculturalism
with colorblindness or adhere to the idea that an individual represents an entire ethnic/racial/
cultural/gender group. These mindsets lend themselves to escentializing communities and experiences
that ignore the complexities of living and contributing to a multicultural society.

ETSS strives to practice cultural competency to:
Establish positive helping relationships,
Improve the quality of services provided,
Hire staff and engage the communities we serve,
Find a balance between community priorities and agency mission,
And understand the constant evolving nature of welcoming environments.

Anna Chen

Director of Administration
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Amanuel Merdassa

Director of Youth Programs
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Bire Abreha

Data and Office Manager
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