Coming Together As One

To be the focal point of integration for immigrants, refugee families, and low income individuals in Central Ohio in order to improve the quality of their lives, to facilitate their integration through education, training, supportive services, and self-development opportunities, and to increase the awareness of their culture and heritage in Central Ohio.

Our Mission

Strategic Goals for 2016-2020


  1. To facilitate the access of social services to New Americans through service coordination, community capacity building, cultural pride, and education.

  2. ​To provide a comprehensive pre-school through high-school educational program and develop career pathways.

  3. ​To provide training of workplace skills, placement assistance, and a path for career advancement.

  4. ​To bring community resources to bear to educate and support the families health and safety.

  5. ​​To strengthen ETSS' Human Resources, to enable its data integration and reporting, and increase its revenue.