​​Community Mental Health Navigators currently work from our North and East offices with the Bhutanese/Nepali and Congolese clients.

What it is:  The Navigators offer case management including health and mental health screenings to link clients from their own communities with the services they need

Who is eligible: Refugees and Immigrants facing challenges and barriers who need assistance to successfully navigate the services they need

When: Monday through Friday 9-5

Where: East and North sites and within the community

What is it: Job skills training classes help refugees learn how to find and keep a job in the US. These classes are offered in conjunction with ESOL classes to enhance learning including computer training, a work experience program and specific skills training.

Once students have completed training, our job developers link individuals to employment opportunities.

Our job developers work with both basic skills opportunities as well as helping those with advanced education link to employment options.

ETSS works to create an EMPLOYER-CENTRIC model to help support the needs of employers and our clients from day one!

Who is eligible: Refugees, immigrants or asylum seekers who have lived in America for less than 5 years
When: Monday – Friday from 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm. Each student is expected to attend all classes. 
Where: Employability skills training is offered at the East and North sites 

Who to Contact:​  Richard Mbuluku works with employers throughout the county to place ETSS job seekers in full-time positions


                               Edward Haag coordinates with those seeking high level professional positions such as engineers and IT professionals

​                               (ed.haag@ethiotss.org)

Adult Programs

Case Management

​ETSS Adult Services include a variety of programs aimed to help new arrivals develop the skills they need to become self-sufficient. The transition to life in the US often requires assistance developing English language skills, assistance with job training and placement, community navigators and case management for health, mental health and wellness support as well as advocating through Family Care for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Programs are culturally sensitive, relevant and located in the neighborhoods where our clients live.  For more information, please contact:

What it is: ETSS Family Care provides highly confidential case management and linkages to services for individuals and families who are survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault or human trafficking 

Who is eligible: Individuals and families in danger due to domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual assault

When and Where: Monday through Friday at our main office or in other safe and confidential settings

More detailed information can be found via the Family Care/Mental Health section of this website

Employability Skills Training and Job Placement

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Classes

What it isAs refugees and immigrants begin their journey toward self-sufficiency , challenges and barriers are met

with the help of case management services 

These services might include help with securing:


Linkage to health and mental health care providers

Advocating for issues related to domestic violence and human trafficking



Who is eligible: Refugees and immigrants

When: Monday through Friday 9-5 and other times as announced

Where:  ETSS office sites and other locations in the community

These services are provided through our offices as well as throughout the community by ETSS staff and partners

East:                                      North:   Christian Assembly Church               Main Office:   1060 Mt. Vernon Ave.
588 McNaughten Rd                                 4099 Karl Road                                                               Columbus, OH 43202   
Columbus, OH  43213                              Columbus, OH 43224                                                      (614) 252-5362    
​614-238-8400                                            (614)252-5362 x300                                


Family Care and Community Mental Health Navigators also work directly in the community where services are needed



What is it:ESOL classes are available for immigrants and refugees to learn English language skills that are critical in living and working in the US. Classes are offered in conjunction with Basic Job Skills Training and instructors are TESOL certified or hold graduate degrees.

Who is eligible: Refugee. immigrant or asylum seekers who have lived in America for less than 5 years
When: Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 11:30 am. Each student is expected to attend all classes 
Where: ESOL classes are currently offered at the East and North sites. 


Community Mental Health Navigators

Family Care