​The NACIC approach is to be a peaceful, non-partisan unified voice to dispel the public’s negative and misleading assumptions of the current crisis. Activities of the Task Force include: coordination with law enforcement on cyber bullying and verbal harassment cases, collaboration with the interfaith community and dialogue between New Americans, government officials, long-time residents, business community and stakeholders. Congresswoman Joyce Beatty will work with the Task Force and be a key advocate in Washington, to ensure these stories and activities are heard.

After a year in existence, members of the New American Community Impact Collaborative 

understand their commitment to measure, track, and improve the performance of the Community

Impact and work through bi-monthly service coalition meetings, supported by a shared

measurement system, mutually reinforcing activities and continuous communication.

NACIC meets monthly at the ETSS Main Office. 

New American Community Impact Collaborative

ETSS is committed to providing programming and services to the individuals and families that need direct services but we are also interested in getting involved in the community at large. We are involved in a number of groups who work to bring attention to the New American communities in Central Ohio and their needs. ETSS works to be a reliable partner for the immigrants and refugee populations and to assist in organizing groups that represent the voices of new arrivals in our community. 

Community Involvement