Trauma responsive care is an increasingly important aspect of providing services to immigrants, refugees and other low-income individuals. This approach to care takes into account the experiences of an individual and how those potentially traumatic events shape their response to new and stressful environments and the coping mechanisms that form over time. Understanding trauma and its effect on behavior is crucial to working with both adults and children. A number of our staff have gone through extensive trauma training through the City of Columbus and are now certified trainers. This training can particularly useful for teachers and students.

To request trauma responsive care training, discuss presentation options or if you have any further questions,                                                                            contact Emily Buster at (614) 252-5362 x203. 


ETSS provides Youth Programming, Adult Programming and Family Care Services free of charge to the individuals who are enrolled but we also offer services for the community that are available for a fee. We are uniquely positioned to offer these services given our training and years of experience in the field. 

Fees for Services include:

-Interpretation and Translation Services

-Cultural Competency Training

-Trauma Responsive Care Training

Cultural competency is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures. This skill is critical for service providers, work places and classrooms. ETSS can provides educational and interactive presentations that will help individuals better understand how to live and work with people from other cultural backgrounds. We can tailor presentations to fit the situation, from children in a classroom to high level managers in a diverse work space. 

To request cultural competency training, discuss presentation options or if you have any further questions,                                                                            contact Kathleen Gibbons at (614) 407-1213. 

Fees For Services

ETSS can  provide connections to individuals for interpretation and translation services, particularly for rare languages. Our staff is well trained and prepared to assist in classrooms, courtrooms, nonprofits and other venues. We also provide written translation services for information pamphlets, flyers and webs pages that need to be communicated in other languages. 

Languages available include: 

Even  if the language you are searching for is not on this list, we are well connected with the communities in Central Ohio and will do our best to provide you with an interpreter who can help.

To request interpretation translation services, inquire about pricing or if you have any further questions,                                                                           

 contact Kathleen Gibbons at or (614) 407-1213. 

TRauma Responsive Care TRaining

Cultural Competency Training

Interpretation and TRanslation Services