Amanuel Merdassa

Director of Youth Programs
Phone (614) 252-5362 x209

Bire Abreha

Director of Data and Office Operations
Phone (614) 252-5362 x201

Management Team

​​​Anna Chen

Director of Administration
Phone (614) 252-5362 x208

Camille Thompson

Manager of Human Resources

Phone (614) 252-5362

Suzanne Schaefer

Director of Adult Services
Phone (614) 252-5362 x206

Dr. Seleshi Ayalew Asfaw

President and CEO
Phone (614) 252-5362 x202

Keri Allen Hogan

Director of Marketing and Development

Phone (614) 252-5362 x 203

​​​ETSS employees are multicultural and multi-lingual, speaking many of the major languages of the New American community in Columbus. This allows us to serve in a more culturally sensitive and competent way. 

75% of staff members are bilingual or multilingual.